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new healthy Louisiana-style cooking blog

(hopefully this is allowed--x-posted to several cooking communities)

Hello...I'm a member of this community, but I just recently opened a new blog to catalog my adventures in "healthy" cajun cooking. I've lived in Louisiana for quite some time now, and when I first moved here, I was ALL about wanting to learn to cook in the traditional cajun/creole style.

However, my jerk of a boyfriend (who grew up in southern Louisiana) constantly berated me about my cooking, saying it didn't taste like cajun/creole food, and hey--after enough belittlement, ya just stop trying.

However, that boyfriend is long since gone, and I've decided it's time to branch out.

I love "healthy-ing" up traditionally "bad for you" recipes into something that still tastes great, but is more nutritious. So I've decided to give cajun & creole dishes a whirl as well, while doing my best to maintain the authentic Louisiana flavor. If you *think* you've had cajun/creole food, but have never been to southern Louisiana...more than likely, you're wrong. There are a lot of misconceptions "Cajun" Louisiana, and hopefully, I can help clarify a few of those as well.

If that sounds up your alley, please feel free to add/watch the following journal: feauxcajun ("faux" is misspelled on purpose, yes. If you've ever seen an LSU "Geaux Tigers" sign, perhaps you understand.)
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