Sniggity-niggity-noinch! (heywood417) wrote in iliketocook,

Sometimes healthy isn't pretty...but it's still tasty.

So I made my southwestern veggie burrito filling the other day (baked cubed acorn squash + sauteed onions, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots--or whatever fresh veggies you have around + tons of chili powder, paprika, cumin, and other assorted spices + black beans + diced stewed tomatoes + corn), and I was prepping some up for dinner last night...but decided I didn't really want a burrito...but I was craving chili...and hey, burrito filling,'s pretty similar, right? And it definitely has the heat--this is one of the spicier batches I've made. So I smashed up some crackers and stirred that in....added some low-cal cheese and fat free sour cream...diced up some fresh tomatoes and threw that in...and it looked goooood.

Then...for some reason...while I was standing there with the refrigerator door open...the alfalfa sprouts started calling to me. I love the texture of them...and thought it might be interesting mixed into my "chili"...I pulled a forkfull of chili, put a few sprouts on top, and ate it...and it wasn't bad! So, I grabbed a handful and mixed it in.

I give you...The Edible Hairball.

It's stupidly healthy and, well...looks like a hairball....but it's DAMN tasty!
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